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COCK SPARRER are widely considered to be one of the most influential Street Punk bands in history.
2017 marked the celebration of their 45th Anniversary, and they show no signs of slowing down, as enthusiasm for the band is not only at an all-time high, but is only increasing!
The thing about Sparrer is that they’re not just a band. They are childhood friends and have been making a noise since they got together way back in 1972. They were playing, drinking, going to football and generally making a nuisance of themselves when the late 1970s punk scene started in London. Finally it seemed that there were hundreds of like-minded people with the same attitude.
However, the boys were from the wrong side of town and didn’t quite fit in with the ‘art school’ scene – they were more at home on the terraces wearing jeans and Dr Martens boots than being fashion victims in bondage trousers. They’ve always done things the way they wanted to. As punk ended up with its own set of rules they were always on the outside as they just didn’t buy into it.
Despite being courted by Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren (who they turned away for not buying a round of drinks), early tours with the Small Faces, Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, and Slade, amongst others, and a record deal with Decca, the ‘music industry’ just wasn’t ready for Cock Sparrer.
British music paper SOUNDS sums it up perfectly in a live review from April 1978:
“Musically and visually, the Cock Sparrer crew are just about as motley and uncouth as its possible for a band to project. Imagine five collectively imageless Cockneys with hair length varying from skinhead to Woody Roller, wearing clothes that looked they pool from the jumble sales, and singing about how East End life is tough but fun…(they)…create a good time sound that occasionally approximates to the original spirit of Slade.”
When the Oi! Scene started in 1980, the band found themselves on a number of compilation albums and a new breed of fans discovered them. This was punk from the streets, and Sparrer and their fans just seemed to fit in. 1983 saw the release of the bands first official album, the seminal SHOCK TROOPS, which today is a certified classic, and regularly features in the ‘most influential punk album ever’ polls.
Never getting – or needing – the critical acclaim they deserved from the music press, the band went largely unnoticed by the masses. However, this brought them cult status amongst those that mattered: the real punk fans! The band have kept that spirit alive for the past 45+ years.
1992 saw the resurgence of the band to a level that they never expected. Many new bands had come along, all of whom cited Cock Sparrer as an influence or the “Godfathers of Street Punk”. What followed was the ability to go anywhere in the world, any night of the week, and play to venues packed with fans all singing their hearts out.
Rarely does a band get the reaction that these guys do. A Cock Sparrer show is an EVENT. It’s like Cup Final day. A family singalong. Theirs is a career in reverse; they’re bigger now than they ever were. They regularly headline all the major punk festivals in Europe, as well as hitting the US to headline events such as Punk Rock Bowling and Riot Fest.
2017 saw the band releasing FOREVER, their first album since 2007’s HERE WE STAND (produced by Lars Frederiksen of Rancid). At long last, but undeniably, the world continues to catch up to the Sparrer crew, as the reviews reflected that it represented new work by a major band and innovator of their genre, still at the top of their game over 4 decades on.
Meanwhile, the band continued going about the business of traveling the world and playing to their fans wherever they are found…which is everywhere! They have even persevered long enough to see the next generation get in on the act, touring at times with Bar Stool Preachers, a band on the rise who are fronted by none other than Sparrer frontman Colin’s son, TJ McFaull!

With enthusiasm for the band only increasing as the years go on, the early months of 2020 found the band in the studio once again, with the intent to bring even more new music to the stage in 2020…and beyond!
Cock Sparrer – over 45 years on, are still five blokes in a pub, still five mates having a laugh…still more than just a band.

Cock Sparrer was formed in 1972 and we are still on stage for you and us...